Here are a few more reasons to love the Pacific Northwest – the awesome people, delicious coffee, and the breath-taking scenery.  These engagement photos in Bellingham took us to the beautiful Whatcom Falls Park where we walked a top large boulders, next to a huge waterfall, and through some incredible Evergreen trees.


Engagement photo on rocks next to waterfall

engagement photo on huge boulders in Pacific Northwest at Whatcom Falls Park

engagement photo on old stone bridge at Whatcom Falls Park


Although their families had the official engagement ceremony, which is typical within Indian tradition, Sunny was waiting for the perfect opportunity for a surprise proposal.  When Jasmin was turned away from him, he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring and that’s when she turned around completely surprised!

Bellingham surprise proposal photo

surprise proposal happy couple



For those who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, we know that a little rain is no big deal, especially when you’re prepared with an awesome red umbrella.

engagement photo with red umbrella on old stone bridge

couple holding red umbrella engagement photo on old stone bridge


happy engagement photo


engagement photos in the Pacific Northwest Evergreens

Pacific Northwest Engagement photo in trees next to river

loving engagement photo with red umbrella on old bridge

Painted Bellingham Sign engagement photo

cute couple holding hands in front of brick wall

Tony's Coffee engagement photo happy couple

red telephone booth engagement photo Bellingham

Bellingham brick wall portraits

engagement photo Bellingham


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A huge thanks to Sunny and Jasmin for being so awesome, and to my brother, Tanvir, for his help during this session!



Two incredible friends, completely in love with each other, embark on a ferry ride across the Puget Sound.

View of downtown Seattle from Ferry

Seattle Engagement photo on Ferry

Seattle Ferry Engagement-3

Seattle Ferry Engagement-5

washington state ferry

engagement photo couple standing on back of ferry

engagement couple sitting inside ferry

engagement photo couple standing inside ferry

couple sitting inside ferry

Seattle Ferry Engagement-13

Seattle Ferry Engagement-14

Olympic Mountains as seen from Ferry

Seattle Ferry Engagement-16

Seattle Ferry Engagement-17

Seattle Ferry Engagement-18

Seattle Ferry Engagement-19



Seattle Ferry Engagement-20

Seattle Ferry Engagement-21

Seattle Ferry Engagement-22

Seattle Ferry Engagement-23

Seattle Ferry Engagement-24

Seattle Ferry Engagement-25

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The best parts of life are the small moments, when you’re sitting next to someone who matters to you, and you’re entire heart is present, and no matter what the world is doing around you, the only feeling is, “this is perfect,” and you realize it, and you feel so thankful for life, and for each other, so you smile, but you smile softly almost within yourself so as not to create a ripple in the air which may disturb the perfection of these moments.



colorful photo of couple with beautiful Chihuly art


downtown Seattle photography


Happy couple near the Space Needle


Couple's Silhouette with Chihuly Art in downtown Seattle


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Imagine a sunshine-filled, blue-birds are singing as you walk through the country kind of day.  You’re about to hang out with two of the most fun and down to earth people you know.  Your wife is at your side, and you both have cameras in hand.  Yup, that’s pretty much a perfect day for me 🙂


This summer, my wife Jasmine and I went up to Whatcom county to do an engagement shoot with the amazing Christine and Kyle.  When we asked them what sorts of things they wanted to do for their engagement photos, imagine our joy when their reply was, “well, we love riding our four-wheelers out on our land…”  What?!?!  It was so fun capturing shots of these love birds as they raced across the gorgeous greens of Northern Washington.


And as fun as these two are, our biggest hope with this session was to try to capture the sweetness of their love and their kind, genuine, free-spirited souls.  Thanks for a great day guys, can’t wait for the big day in September 🙂



riding 4-wheelers in a green field



country engagement four-wheelers



bellingham engagement photography



country engagement photograph with wildflowers



cute couple sitting in wildflowers for engagement photos



making a bouquet for his fiancé



beautiful portrait bellingham engagement



happy laughing loving couple engagement



bellingham engagement photography



bellingham engagement photography



old rusty tractor on the farm



white fence country engagement photo holding hands in whatcom county



standing by the river bellingham engagement photo beautiful couple



walking along the river engagement photography bellingham



happy laughing engagement photo



riding into the sunset engagement photo bellingham


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