There’s something to be said for pushing out of our comfort zones.  It’s practically inevitable that despite our creative energy, we fall into routines and rhythms.  This little project, that I did with my friend Carly earlier this year, was an effort by both her and myself to try something new, to push outside of our creative boundaries.  As with all things new, it’s a work in progress, but just wanted to share a snapshot of our journey. I’m so excited to grow in 2014, and to pursue more personal projects.




bellingham portrait beauty photography


beauty portrait photographer Bellingham WA


creative artistic photography Bellingham



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Here is a single frame from a portrait session with my friend, Carly, in Bellingham, WA.

bellingham beauty photography


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Each day provides its own gifts.

Jasmine and I were walking around downtown Chicago, as we typically do, and noticed a staircase leading to the Chicago River.  Upon reaching the bottom, we found ourselves in a tiny park filled with the most amazing photographic elements.  It felt like we found a “photography spice rack” which contained all the necessary ingredients to create a great photo session:  horizontal & vertical lines, beautiful architecture, railings, a river, colored walls, foliage, and wonderful warm sunlight shining through the skyscrapers. Oh, and not to mention the best of all – Jasmine!

The funny thing is that we weren’t even planning to take photos that day.  I decided to bring my camera just in case, and good thing I did!

That morning, life presented us with the unexpected gift of a lovely park, in which, we created these beautiful portraits.

Jasmine, today is your birthday and the greatest gift I could give is my love and appreciation for you.  Your friendship was an unexpected gift given to me many years ago and slowly, over time, we untied the ribbon of that gift to reveal our relationship.  Now we’re engaged and I can’t help but to be thankful for everything you have brought to my life.  Thank you.

Love you!  Happy Birthday!

Beauty Portrait against wall of ivy in Downtown Chicago


Portrait photography in downtown chicago

Portrait photography in downtown Chicago


wearing yellow jacket and standing against wall of brown ivy

portrait photography in downtown Chicago and picture of American flag


the L train, elevated train going through downtown

Trump Tower and old skyscraper and model standing in front of graffiti door

calling a taxi in downtown Chicago


old water tower on top of building in downtown Chicago

model wearing yellow jacket standing in a brick alley


Beauty Portrait of Model in Downtown Chicago - Ivy wall and yellow coat

Sitting on a bench in Downtown Chicago wearing a yellow coat

One of our favorite places to get coffee is Intelligentsia coffee in Downtown Chicago, near Millennium Park.
Intelligentsia Coffee in Downtown Chicago near Milennium Park

Model Standing on side of Chicago River with city skyline in background


Downtown Chicago Model Standing in an old brick alley

Chicago Skyline from Adler Planetarium during the day

What unexpected, pleasant gift has life presented you?

…share it with me in a comment below

A Bellingham portrait photography session with Brittany, her American Bulldog- Chloe, and Tanvir’s Doberman Pinscher- Rocky.

Two things happen when you meet Brittany:

  1. You experience her friendly and warm personality
  2. You feel like you’ve known her for years

Brittany is one of those few people who naturally exhibits charisma and joy.  For the past seven years that I’ve known Brittany, she has always been happy, optimistic, and cheerful.

Brittany is an active runner, competing in many races around Seattle and Bellingham, WA.  She helps raise donations for diabetes research and other similar programs. As manager of our tea store, she consistently inspired those around her (employees and customers) to follow a lifestyle of good health and exercise.  She is driven to be successful and genuinely cares for the well being of friends and family around her.  One of the things I really appreciate about Brittany is the love she has shown towards my family and parents. (Thanks Brittany)

Years ago, I remember walking around the Seattle U campus with my friend, Jennifer, as we discussed the value of surrounding yourself with happy people.  To this day, that conversation has stuck with me, and Brittany is one of those happy people we were talking about.  Her energy and spirit has a way of seeping into your own soul so you also feel uplifted and happy.

This awesome photo shoot was the result of some fun planning and discussions.  Five years ago, Brittany was so excited when she got her American Bulldog, Chloe.  At the time, Chloe was only two months old, and I remember Brittany telling us about her… she even brought Chloe over so we could meet her!  Through the years, Brittany and Chloe have grown close together and I wanted to do a photo shoot to capture their friendship and bond.

The Doberman in these photographs belongs to my brother and fellow photographer, Tanvir.  Two years ago, Rocky was only two months old when Tanvir got him, and Brittany was there to help.  Rocky loves Brittany and we thought it would be awesome to bring him into the photo shoot! Rocky is a happy, loving dog, and his energy was present during our photo shoot. Luckily, Tanvir helped handle both Rocky and Chloe. In fact, we had a full crew for this photo shoot: Mundir Sidhu was also on location to help guide Brittany and take ‘behind the scenes’ photos that will only be posted to my Facebook fan page. (join the page to see the pics and learn about upcoming projects:  www.facebook.com/MandevSidhuPhotography)


Hope you enjoy these portraits of Brittany, Rocky, and Chloe!


Bellingham Photography - Portraits

Downtown Bellingham Photography session with Brittany

Downtown Bellingham Photography session with Brittany

Downtown Bellingham Photography session with Brittany

Bellingham Portrait session with Brittany


Downtown Bellingham Photography session with Brittany


Portrait of Brittany standing in front of an old green wall

Portrait of Brittany standing in front of a fence in downtown Bellingham

Professional Photographer - Bellingham Portrait with Brittany


Brittany standing on railroad tracks in Bellingham, wa


Beautiful professional portrait of Brittany standing on the railroad tracks in Downtown Bellingham


Bellingham Photography

Beautiful model Brittany standing on railroad tracks in Downtown Bellingham



Professional Bellingham model photograph on railroad tracks



Portrait of model standing on railroad tracks in downtown Bellingham, WA


expressive bellingham photography


Hope you enjoyed these photographs!  This is part 1 of 2 different photo sessions we did! 


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Thanks everyone!!


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