Angela is one of the sweetest and most hardworking people I have met.  I’ve gotten the chance to work with her over the past few years and recommend her with the highest accolades.  Recently, she asked me to take some family photos for her, and here they are!   What an honor and a delight!  Angela just had her second daughter (she’s only 2 months old!) and her older daughter should probably become a child model because her expressions are phenomenal!  Thanks for the opportunity Angela.  And for those of you in need of a great real estate agent, please visit her website and contact her.


mother daughter photo with Seattle skyline in background


Dad and newborn daughter photo


father and daughter portrait at Gasworks Park Seattle


daughter portrait Gasworks Park Seattle


Mother and two daughters portrait


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A huge thanks to Angela and family for such a fun time!



For any of you living in the Pacific Northwest, man, what an amazing summer this has been, right?!  Beautiful sunshine filled days just ready to be filled with fun.  This summer made me think back to my own summers as a boy growing up in Bellingham.  My brothers and I used to ride our bikes all over the neighborhood, build forts in the forest behind our house, climb trees to survey “our land,” and even battle armies with our Army men.  Can’t say I did all that this summer, but close 😉

Recently, I had the chance to work the Schoembs’ family.  What struck me most (other than the fact that they are so amazingly photogenic!) was the affection between their kids.  It was so fun to see them relax in front of the camera and just settle into their own world of playing and chatting.  There really is something so special about making these summertime memories together as siblings.


family holding hands


siblings and newborn brother


siblings playing


playing in the treehouse


family fun


sibling portraits being silly


brother and sister playing on tire swing


watering the plants




family photo


Thanks to the Schoembs family!

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Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.

Live in wonder.

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.


Family photography Alki Beach Skyline


Baby Winston learning how to walk on the dock


Happy Winston reaching for his mom


Happy Family Photo


I love the following picture. Live in wonder. Henry was looking through the cracks, at the water below the dock. Winston’s curiousity  got the better of him, and he wanted to look, too! It was as if they discovered their own secret world, and they were immersed in the moment – watching the water crash into the shore.

kids looking through the dock at the water below


Black and White Portraits of Mom and Dad with Baby Winston


The boys riding the Cargo Bike


Pure.  Joy.

laughing boys in the Cargo Bike


hills of west seattle



Henry playing with the large bubbles


bubbles floating by Winston as he sits in the grass


Chasing the huge bubbles trying to make them pop


family photos with bubbles


playing on the beach


west seattle family photography



black and white portrait of brothers


black and white portrait of brothers


family sitting in the grass blowing dandelions in the sun


mom and baby enjoying time in the sun


family sitting in the grass blowing dandelions in the sun


Henry poses for the camera during photo session



Thank you Chris and Robin, for being such caring, kind, and thoughtful friends to Jasmine & me.  We look forward to spending more time with your wonderful family, and to watch the boys grow up as they embark on their journeys.


Taking a photograph of somebody can be as simple as clicking a button, or if you want it to be, a much more fulfilling and rewarding experience. For me, the allure of photography has always been about the process – creating & building a relationship with the people and places I shoot, and using my camera to convey emotions.

The photographs of this beautiful family may have been taken in one session, but, they are the result of two years of friendship-building 🙂  Our first photo session was on the beach, where the girls had so much fun playing in the sand, and our second session was to celebrate their newest daughter, Espy. Since then, Espy has started walking and I had the honor to photograph this happy, loving family one more time.

On Sunday, Jasmine and I were looking through pictures on my computer, and when I saw their family photo, I immediately said, “awww, I love this family…” and it was at that very moment that I was reminded how much photography means to me.

I hope these photos provide a glimpse into the love this family shares with each other.


Kirkland Family Photography


family photos in the trees near Kirkland, WA


Kirkland Family Photographer


kirkland family photographer


mother and daughter in trees during photo session


daughter standing among tall trees in the forest portrait


mother and daughter


country family photographer


country family photos


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Thanks, everyone! I’m so excited for all the goodness 2013 has in store. And I’ll try to be a more consistent blogger.



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