Dad, you’re sitting on the oven,” two yr old Tayla kept saying as her father sat on a beach log at Golden Gardens Park.  Tayla and her 4-yr old sister, Ashlan, were baking ‘cakes’ on the beach while mom and dad enjoyed views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. The girls delicately piled sand [cake] onto the log [oven] and decorated it with candles [twigs]. Ashlan and Tayla’s spirits are uninhibited, full of creativity and free-flowing imagination!

Girls playing with sand

Family Portrait

Girls playing on log
The family’s energy and happiness was contagious. Photographing their interactions left me feeling joyful and inspired, especially when hearing the girls’ spontaneous laughter. Whether dad was doing cartwheels with Ashlan on the beach, or mom was pushing Tayla on the swing, they encouraged the girls to be imaginative and take pleasure in their surroundings.

Family on the beach

Family Portrait


Family Portrait


Tayla running on beach


Playing in the sand


Girls holding flowers

A huge congratulations to the family as Kelly is currently expecting their 3rd child. The girls will show so much love to their wonderful new [brother? sister?]. Incredibly happy for this fantastic family!

Standing in tree grove

Playing around in the grass

Sisters hugging at the park

Family Portrait

Girls sitting on log


Thank you so much for giving me the joy of photographing your beautiful family.


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Say hello to Annie and Niel, the proud parents of the handsome and adorable Raymond! We took these pictures in their former neighborhood of Ravenswood, Chicago, on a beautiful Midwest day.

It’s always a pleasure spending time with Niel and Annie as the conversation so often takes unexpected and interesting turns. One night, we sat around for hours talking about all the nostalgic things we enjoyed as children.  It’s in those moments that I truly appreciate how grounded  they are as couple.  They have such a strong sense of the direction they want their life together to take.

We were introduced to each other a few months ago, and since then, have done everything from BBQ’s on the beach to playing intense Scrabble games at the Iguana Café.  I’m sad they’re moving away from Chicago, but they’re following their hearts, heading back to rolling hills and simple life of the Midwest they love so dearly.

The simplicity of living, which they mindfully and actively work to maintain, is inspirational.  These are two mature and responsible parents whose parenting exemplifies heart and soul.  How lucky little Raymond is to be surrounded by such solid values emphasizing quality over quantity.  These are values which will serve him throughout his life.

As a family, they are this wonderful blend of humility, sincerity, and generosity sprinkled with the most delicious dose of humor.  So congratulations to the budding young family!  Here’s to the start of a beautiful future!


Toddler Photos and Family Pictures Chicago

Toddler Photography and Family Pictures Chicago

Toddler Photos and Family Pictures Chicago

Toddler Photos and Family Pictures Chicago

Toddler Photos and Family Pictures Chicago


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Chris and Robin met each other in college, fell in love, and got married in 2008. Among the many adventures life has brought them over the past 3 years, September 16th 2010, brought the most remarkable of all. It was the day their first son, Henry, entered their lives.

I’ve known Chris and Robin for almost 10 years and I’m so, so, very happy for both of them.  Knowing the character of these two wonderful parents, there is no doubt that Henry will be loved and cared for like no other. Chris and Robin are achievers. They strive for excellence in their lives and work hard to accomplish it. They don’t give up, and they don’t give in, and in this way, they are going to pour everything they have into making Henry a fine young gentleman.  They are the type of people who lead by example, and by doing this,  they inspire their friends and peers.

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.” -Joyce Maynard

Everything about Henry’s baby room was special and each item held meaning for the family. Trains are very sentimental for Robin since her dad (who passed away 10 yrs ago) was a HUGE fan of trains. He was president of the model railroad club for countless years in Kitsap County and loved all things trains. Growing up, trains were a huge part of Robin’s life.

Toddler playing on train

During the photo session, Robin put Henry to bed, giving him the opportunity to recharge his energy. The three of us began talking about our own childhoods and the experiences we had growing up. Chris, Robin, and I each grew up in rural/suburban areas where we were free to run around to our heart’s content. We played in the woods, rode our bikes through the streets, and were fortunate to play outside without the fears that exist today. (Jeez, I sound like an old guy, “Back in our day, we….”) 🙂  As we reminisced, Chris and Robin began to talk about their wishes for Henry. They described a desire to provide him with the freedoms and experiences they both enjoyed as children, and how they wanted to him to have a balanced and fulfilling childhood. As we chatted, I could see how blessed Henry is to have such responsible, sensible, and caring parents.  Chris and Robin, you are both wonderful parents!

Baby boy sleeping in crib
Mother is holding her smiling baby boy

The theme in Henry’s room is nature based. Chris and Robin’s parents passed on their love of birds and animals to them (Robin’s even named her after a bird!) and they want to pass the same respect and love of nature on to Henry. Robin- your paintings are amazing!! LOVE THEM!!! They add so much cheer and happiness to Henry’s room.

Family Photo West Seattle
The grey overalls Henry wore were a gift from his Grandma Ilene (Chris’ mom). The blankets he was sitting on were both made by Robin’s mom (Grandma Sarah).

Baby boy Henry and his family in West Seattle

Family sitting on lawn in back yard


Thanks, Chris and Robin, for allowing me to capture these special pictures of Henry and your wonderful family!

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