Timothy’s plan was to bring Bonnie to the docks and surprise her with a boat ride on the bay. But the real surprise occurred while they were out on the water- asking for Bonnie’s hand in marriage.

On the the afternoon of the proposal, Tim decorated the boat’s cabin with curtains, tablecloth, and a complete dinner setting. He also had a bottle of chilled champagne, blankets, pillows, lights, and even some chocolate covered strawberries. The entire time during the set up, I couldn’t help but notice how much he truly loves her. Not a single detail was left unattended. For instance, before closing the cabin door, he scattered flowers over the table, floor, and stairs.

The plan was for me to hide in a different boat and take candid shots of them (Bonnie had no idea I was there). While we were planning, he said to me, “We’ll be walking up the dock and I’ll be on the side closer to the water because I don’t want to put her in danger.” In everything he told me, his first thoughts were to make everything perfect for Bonnie.


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