A beautiful, intimate, rainy day wedding on the Seattle Waterfront.

Matt and Kim began their day with a Ray LaMontagne record spinning softly on the turntable, while they got ready together at their amazing house.

They read their handwritten vows while family and friends gathered around in a circle. I really liked one line that Matt quoted from a Mumford and Son’s song:
“…where you invest your love, you invest your life”

It was an honor to photograph the wedding of two kindhearted people who have dedicated themselves to helping the community.


phonograph record player, record spinning

seattle wedding 2

bride portrait and wedding dress

Seattle Wedding


smiling happy groom seeing bride


portrait of bride and groom before wedding


Bride photo against brick wall


beautiful portrait of bride and groom at Seattle Sculpture Park in Seattle


Sculpture park wedding in rainy Seattle


colorful photo of bride and groom at Seattle Sculpture Park


rainy day wedding with umbrella Seattle Sculpture Park


wedding ceremony at El Gaucho on waterfront


Wedding Ceremony at El Gaucho


Seattle Waterfront Ferry during sunset colorful clouds


Seattle Waterfront Bride Groom Sunset Photo

Seattle Waterfront Bride Groom Sunset Photo


Seattle Stadiums during sunset


artistic portrait Seattle bride and groom


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Matt and Kim’s engagement photos

Congratulations, Matt and Kim!  Thank you for allowing us to a part of your wedding day. We’re so happy for both of you and look forward to seeing you again soon!


We become friends with so many people in life, ultimately searching for that special person. You know, the one who creates an awakening within our soul. As if we experience an awareness of who we are, and who we can become. We yearn to find a soul mate, that person who, when you look into their eyes, can make time stop and the world spin. And you don’t want it to end, so you do everything to keep it – you feed it with trust, commitment, and sacrifice. Both of you know this is bigger than you could have ever imagined, and you finally understand why you’ve been searching. So when you look at her, you can’t help but smile, and you can’t help but want to love her, and care for her and with everything in your power you want her to be happy.

loving bride and groom country-inspired outdoor wedding



sunset photos bride and groom outdoor wedding


Whatcom county wedding photographer


bride wearing cowgirl boots at outdoor country wedding in Whatcom County Evergreen Gardens


Prior to the wedding, Kyle and Christine’s closest friends & family took a moment to tell them a few special words.


bride and groom getting ready


The wedding details brought a personal touch of Kyle and Christine to the venue & ceremony – you could feel their country spirit.

Rings and decor country-themed wedding at Evergreen Gardens


One of my favorite moments was when Kyle saw Christine for the first time – his face lit up and they were so happy together completely immersed in that moment.

Bride Groom First Look at Outdoor wedding


Outdoor wedding Evergreen Gardens


Evergreen Gardens Wedding Photographer


Wedding Ceremony at Evergreen Gardens Whatcom County


Bride Groom portraits with antique vintage pickup truck


Evergreen Gardens Ferndale, WA


firepit for s'mores at outdoor wedding reception in Whatcom county


S’mores bar and lots of cowboy / cowgirl boots at the wedding! It was so much fun!


cowboy and cowgirl boots at country-inspired outdoor wedding in Whatcom County


cake photos outdoor reception Evergreen Gardens


flowers outdoor wedding Whatcom county



Bride Groom Sunset Golden Hour Portraits outdoor country-inspired wedding



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Here are some photos from Kyle and Christine’s awesome 4-wheelin’ engagement session.


One frame from Kyle and Christine’s amazing outdoor wedding at Evergreen Gardens.  Can’t wait to post more photos from their country-style wedding.


Country Wedding Photograph of Bride and Groom with vintage pickup truck




It was an honor to photograph the wedding of two of the kindest, most committed, and genuinely awesome people!  I remember leaving their engagement session thinking, “these guys have something special – commitment and patience.”   It felt like their wedding was a celebration of these two pillars, and it was a time for friends and family to celebrate love… and a celebration it was!  The energy was incredible, and they were surrounded by so much love.

Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”  –Vincent Van Gogh


downtown Seattle Smith Tower Arctic Club Wedding


wedding portraits Arctic Club


The Arctic Club in Downtown Seattle is a beautiful wedding venue. It used to be a gathering place for the men who returned from the Yukon Gold rush after “striking it rich.” The main room contains a giant gold dome ceiling, which created a special ambiance for Sean and Jono’s wedding ceremony.


Arctic Club Downtown Seattle


Arctic Club Wedding Portraits



Arctic Club Room


The dancing and celebrating Baraat started at opposite corners of the Arctic Club in downtown Seattle, and moved towards the front entrance.  There was so much energy as the family & friends from each side danced to the loud beating Indian drum (called a Dhol).  This first ceremony set a fun tone for the evening to follow.


Baraat dhol


baraat downtown Seattle


same sex wedding baraat downtown Seattle arctic club


Baraat in downtown Seattle Arctic Club




Arctic Club dome



arctic club ceremony entrance


ceremony entrance


marriage ceremony at Arctic Club downtown seattle


Arctic Club Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony


wedding ceremony Arctic Club and Violin Player


Wedding Ceremony at Arctic Club Seattle


Sean and Jono were surrounded by their closest friends and family as they signed their marriage certificate.  During their engagement session, Jono told me  “…we waited a long time for this”  and I could hear those words during the signing. it made me appreciate and respect their resilience and dedication to each other.


signing marriage certificate



celebrating marriage with a drink


man-man cake topper




happy couple with Mama Tits


First Dance at Reception and Mama Tits


First dance at the reception


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thank you so much Sean and Jono – wish you both lots of love and happiness!


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