Family has always been a significant part of my life. Growing up, my two brothers and I did everything together – paper routes, building forts, playing sports, watching movies, riding bikes, fixing cars, exploring, hiking, etc… the list could go on & on. I guess what I’m trying to say is that having two brothers is like having two best buddies.

These three sisters had so much adventure and curiosity in their spirits, and that energy reminded me of the way I grew up with my brothers. It was so much fun to photograph this awesome family in the park. Whether they were throwing the colorful autumn leaves into the air or walking along a fallen tree, they were excited to be doing it together.



Family photo shoot Seattle's Woodland Park

3 sisters hugging for Fall family photo shoot at Woodland Park

mom dad and daughter laughing together

Family walking in Park during photo shoot at Woodland Park in Seattle

Family Leave Fight at Woodland Park for photo shoot

beautiful Father Daughter family photo in Seattle

Seattle Family Photo holding hands at Woodland Park


beautiful emotion as mother kisses daughter on cheek for family photo in a Seattle park

Seattle Family Photographer - Woodland Park

3 sisters family photo sitting against a tree in the park


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Thank you to the Chang family for the opportunity to once again take your family photos.