I’ve always had fond memories of December, when the weather would cool down and we’d have to bundle up for the bus. Sometimes it would snow, and if we were lucky, there would be no school. When it was time to decorate the house, my brothers and I would set up the ladder and climb into the attic where we brought down our ‘box-of-Christmas-decorations.’ One of us would slowly remove the treasures that had so carefully been stowed the year before. And whether it was the macaroni ornament made in 2nd grade or the glass teapot given as a gift, we would be excited to proudly place them onto the tree.

As a kid, Christmas meant many things – snow, presents, xmas trees, lights, no school, hot tea, cider…but it also meant family. No matter what we did in December, we did it with family, and I think that’s what made every tradition so memorable and special. Now we’re older, and surely busy with our lives, but every December, we always come together as a family and we celebrate. I’m so thankful for my parents, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles because its each of them who made Christmas special.

I was honored to take festive Christmas photos of the Doria family during the Holidays. I hope that one day, their two boys who are full of so much wonder and joy, take a look at these photos and remember December…remember family.


happy family holding hands at Woodland Park


Family in Wooden tepee built with long wooden sticks family photo wooden teepee christmas family photo in wooden teepee built with long wood sticks Greenwood, WA family photographer


holding hands and walking through Woodland Park near Greenlake

artistic family photo shoot at Seattle Park

brothers hugging in the park

Greenwood's Woodland Park Family photo shoot




family photo wearing Christmas hats at Greenwood's Woodland Park

artistic, emotional, photojournalistic family photo of son at the park

mom and dad kissing family photo


Thanks to the Doria family for giving me the opportunity to take photos of your awesome family!

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