Although I haven’t been posting much on the blog, there’s been a ton going on behind-the-scenes. I’ve been focusing on personal projects, which have given me a chance to reconnect with photography and to re-establish my purpose. I think finding and developing a purpose is such an important foundation for creative evolution.

I’m excited for the things that have yet to transpire.

Sometimes the way to take a step forward is to actually take a couple steps back. It’s kinda illogical, isn’t it? But it can feel so good to just   stop.   be mindful.   turn off the phone, and simply be.

connect with another person.
and connect with yourself.


San Juan Island - Sitting near the water to be mindful


The past few months have been an opportunity to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife, spend time with incredible friends, and to push my own boundaries – all while creating photos. Moments of growth are never easy, or comfortable, but they’re part of a personal journey that we just gotta embrace.

be present.
and smile.

PNW Photography - San Juan Island - looking out at the water


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