We might have a plan for the way we want things to happen, but that’s not how the world works. All we can do is be resilient to change. Embrace the situations that don’t go how we plan, and persevere towards our goal. Because you know what? Things always have a way of working out. And often times, they end up better than we could have imagined.

These engagement photos were taken next to a beautiful river, with perfectly-placed fallen trees, a beautiful mountain backdrop, and groves of lush trees – all of which created an amazing location. We hadn’t planned for any of this, and in fact, the story of how we got here is filled with one unexpected twist after another.

For weeks, we had been planning to take these engagement photos at a location in the Cascade mountains. As it turns out, nature had its own plan. Only a couple hours before our session, while Rashi was at her hair appointment, my brother, Tanvir, calls me to say that Washington was declared a “State of Emergency’ because of the wildfires.
{I want to take a moment to thank the firefighters who risk their lives to protect us}

The location we originally planned was inaccessible due to severe levels of smoke. We put our heads together and decided on a second location that was two hours away. About 20 minutes into our drive, we learned that the smoke had beaten us there! It was a no-go. Luckily, each of us was equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile device, capable of pinpointing our exact location via the Global Positioning System. Once we identified our geographical position, we were able to find a third location nearby. Upon our arrival, our pent up excitement was about to erupt because we could finally take photos! But alas, we were greeted by a security officer who proceeded to tell us that the area was closed for a festival that day. (What?! A festival in the middle of nowhere?!) Sure enough, we were blocked by a chain-link fence.

Time to find a fourth location. At this point, it seemed the odds were stacked against us, but like the four kids from Stand By Me, we marched forward with determination to reach our goal. While driving, we found a place next to the river, and… it. was. perfect. Totally unexpected and far from the original plan, but yet ideal in every way.

There’s a learning nugget to take away from this experience. We can try to plan the future as much as we want, and wish for things to happen a certain way, but life just happens. Sometimes in our favor, and other times not. But if we continue to push forward and bend with the wind, whatever ends up happening turns out to be incredible.  Yes, it even happens with love – when we find a partner who is far greater than we could have ever imagined. When the presence of that person fills us with joy, with hope, and with a sense of being greater together than as individuals. It adds to our life’s journey, especially in dynamic times:  the unknowns, the unexpected paths, the no-gos, and the original plans. Here’s to being resilient in the face of change, and to ultimately ending up in a beautiful place.

The photos:

Engagement Photos in the forest and along the Snoqualmie River

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Engagement Photography in the Seattle area

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Snoqualmie River Engagement photography

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Indian engagement photos in forest and along snoqualmie river in Issaquah

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Snoqualmie River